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Lisa J. Cunningham

When I first graduated real estate school, I had no clue what to expect. I interviewed several brokers who tried hard to convince me that they could offer far more than any other brokerage. Jeff was cool, honest, a bit blunt… but it was his confidence that sold me. He didn’t try to “sell” me on Better Homes. He gave me facts. And the facts don’t lie. This brokerage has all the tools and opportunities an agent could ever possibly need to be successful. They give back to the community they serve. They work hard, yet know how to have a lot of fun. What I really didn’t expect was just how wonderful are the people who work here. This place is not just a company. It’s family. The support is potent. The encouragement is genuine. The opportunities are unparalleled. I was able to sell more homes than I ever dreamed of in my first year in Real Estate, won BRR’s Rookie Realtor of the Year, and made it to Top Producer status landing me a place at the corporate Top Agent Retreat in Vancouver, BC. All within my first year! There is absolutely no doubt in my mind that I would never have accomplished any of this without my amazing broker, Jeff Martel, his fantastic right hand, Keyara Wade, all the FABULOUS administrative staff at Better Homes, and being part of a team of the valley’s best agents. These people are my tribe. And Better Homes & Gardens 43° North is my jam.


Dianne Dyer

I've been licensed 3 years and am so thankful I chose to hang my license with Better Homes and Gardens.  The office staff are some of the best people on the planet and really work hard to make me look good at what I do.  And then there's my Broker, Jeff.  I've called Jeff with some crazy questions and scenarios and he always takes time to offer advice, feedback, suggestions and every once in a while a Kleenex.  He's a huge reason I've found success in this career and I'm so thankful....I absolutely love what I do!  To Jeff, Keyara, Steve, Allison, Ally and Lia - my SINCERE appreciation for everything you do!!  I hope you know how appreciated you are!!

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Georgie Pitron

Having been in the business and working for many brokers over the years, Jeff Martel, in my opinion is one of the best.  His leadership, vision and confidence in his team has resulted in one of best real estate companies both locally and nationally.

Jeff leads with quiet and thoughtful integrity, providing his agents opportunities and recognition in the industry.   We are a rare organization where we have a team of the successful 20% of the 80/20 rule that applies to sales.  He is very astute in seeing each individual's weaknesses and strengths using both to help each of us in our careers.

I respect Jeff and always appreciate his opinions.  I love the way he looks at situations and strive every day to model his mindset.

His leadership has resulted in a unique culture in our office.  I am proud to work for Jeff and so glad our paths have crossed both personally and professionally.


Deanna Bartlett

After seeing other agents over the years bounce from brokerage to brokerage I was hesitant at first to make the move over to Better Homes and Gardens because I didn't want to be an agent that does that. But for me, I was at a critical time in my business where I felt discouraged, unmotivated and was missing something. I couldn't quite put my finger on it until I decided there was no harm in meeting Jeff to see what this place is all about. His knowledge and willingness to help, encourage, train, motivate and coach is what turned my switch back on and I started getting excited! The atmosphere and energy in the office and with the other BHG agents blew me away. On top of that the support of the staff and the tools they offer sets this company apart from all the others. I am so glad I decided to step out and see if they could offer me something I was missing... and they have proved that!