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What Makes Us Different?

Better Homes & Gardens Real Estate 43° North is the ONLY lifestyle Real Estate Brand in the Boise area! What does this mean? Our brand is the only brand that is relevant to the consumer EVERY day of the year. Its not just about a Real Estate transaction, our Brand touches the consumer in everything they do everyday of the year. Brand relevance is the key to building your business and always being top of mind with the consumer - and we are the ONLY brand that has this power.

Our company was born from the union of two powerful ideas. The first is that buying and selling real estate is a function of lifestyle considerations rather than a series of transactions. The second is that the communication of lifestyle is a function of creative marketing.  The essence of Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate 43° North is a business model that supports these ideas, and an agency team that honors them.   

Through a combination of brokerage services, new construction relationships, marketing savvy, and a staff of agents empowered by a business model that supports creative approaches to buying and selling real estate, BHGRE 43° North has positioned itself to be a “one-stop shop.”  Since our founding in 2008, our company has flourished — surpassing sales numbers of well-established brokerages in the Treasure Valley.

Impeccable Real Estate

More important than our business model, however, is what it delivers for our clients: an impeccable real estate experience.  It’s an experience that begins with the agents who call Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate 43° North home. Each of our agents brings something unique to the table through their backgrounds, their experience with the market, and their relationships. 

Integral to creating an impeccable experience for both buyers and sellers is a culture characterized by “situational awareness” — an almost instinctual knowledge of the local real estate market that comes from being directly responsible for many communities in the Treasure Valley. It’s a knowledge that is shared between our agents and with the builders they work with, and that makes us an invaluable resource to our clients

43° North? What's that?

Most folks with a passing familiarity with maps are quick to grasp the geographic significance of our name: Boise is located on the circle of latitude 43 degrees north of the Earth’s equatorial plane (as a coincidence, Idaho also happens to have been the 43rd state in the USA).

Our choice of name wraps our identity around one of the world’s most livable communities in a way that tells you what you really need to know about us.  Our locality is our passion.  It’s our expertise.  It reflects our dedication to a quality of life that Boise and the larger Treasure Valley community embody like no other place we know.

Our sense of identity with Boise and the Gem State go well beyond our name, however.  We like to think that our company and culture reflect the experience of what our community is all about.  Like the overall lifestyle of Boise, we take a fun, energetic, and creative approach to all that we do.  Like the West as a whole, we value independence and innovation in a way that honors the pioneer spirit of our place.