Baking treats at the Ronald McDonald House in Downtown Boise!

We are always so appreciative to be able to give back to our community by volunteering to bake treats for the families and residents of The Ronald McDonald House Charities in Idaho.

“Families are stronger when they are together. By staying at the Idaho Ronald McDonald House, parents can better communicate with their child’s medical team and keep up with complicated treatment plans when needed.

When your child is sick, you want the best care possible – even if it is hundreds or thousands of miles away. The Idaho Ronald McDonald House allows families to access specialized medical treatment by providing a place to stay at little or sometimes no cost.” - RMHC

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Weekly Tuesday Meeting with Chris Petersen from the IMLS!

We are kicking off the morning by meeting in our office for our weekly Tuesday meeting! Chris Petersen is giving our agents a refresher in IMLS Rules.

At BHGRE 43° North, we bring the classes to you. We host numerous CE classes right here in our office at The Village at Meridian for our agents' convenience! 

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Berkeley Building Co. gives back to our community in Hillsdale Creek.

The 2019 St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital Dream Home is officially underway. A beautiful night for the groundbreaking, where so many of our sponsors, suppliers and trade partners joined in the ceremonies to kick-off what promises to be a record breaking year. Stay tuned as we work together to bring you all something truly special in benefit of the children and families of St. Jude. 

We’re so thankful to have wonderful Building partners like Berkeley Building Co. who make giving back to our community such an integral part of their business. Not only do they build beautiful homes, they build a better community for all of us. Stay tuned as we work together to bring you all something truly special in benefit of the children and families of St. Jude.

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Volunteering at The Ronald McDonald House in Boise, ID!

We had another wonderful time volunteering to bake goodies for the Ronald McDonald Idaho Charity. Thank you to our volunteers for giving back to the amazing community we live in!!

“When a child faces a medical crisis, what they need most is their family. At RMHC of Idaho, we are helping families face the burden of their children’s illness together. They have enough worries attending to the complicated medical needs of their child, maintaining their jobs, caring for other children or family members and keeping up with medical and out-of-pocket expenses – at the Idaho Ronald McDonald House, we care for the family so they can focus on their sick child.” RMHC Idaho

New Forms Discussion at our Tuesday Team Meeting!

This week's team meeting was focused on the NEW FORMS that were released in July of this year!! There have been a lot of changes made and it's important to take the time to understand them. At our brokerage, we value educating and helping each other out! 


Amazing turn out for Christmas for Kiddos!!


A HUGE thank you to everyone who contributed in making the BHGRE 43 North annual Christmas for Kiddos drive a huge success!! Together we provided an amazing Christmas for a family of 9, along with 6 months of grocery funds! We are so excited about the family we adopted to share memories of this special Christmas season :) 

This wouldn't have been possible without the generous contributions from our BHGRE 43 North agents and office staff. May we continue to keep the "holiday spirit" throughout the year and go out of our way to show and share kindness with others. 

3rd Annual Christmas for Kiddo's Drive!!


This time of year, it is important to reflect on the blessings we have in our lives. It is a significant life lesson to remember that no matter how difficult of an obstacle you are facing, there is someone out there who wishes they could trade places with you. We are excited about this years opportunity for our brokerage to help make a family's Christmas wish come true. 

Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate 43 North has been fortunate to work with the caring staff at Lake Hazel Elementary school for the last few holiday seasons. We were ecstatic to learn that this year we will be helping a deserving family of nine celebrate this special time of year!  This family is very kind, modest and temporarily in a difficult spot. 

Your donations are greatly appreciated! Please let our Office Manager (Keyara Brookman) know if you would like to donate to the Christmas for Kiddo's Fund for 2017. We are asking for your help to achieve our goal by donating in one or more of the following three ways...

1. Donate $$$ to the fund so together we can give this family in our wonderful community the Christmas they deserver.

2. Help us shop. A BHGRE 43 North group shop-a-thon will be organized to get everything on their list.

3. Help us wrap gifts. A BHGRE 43 North group wrap-a-thon will be held at the office on Monday, December 18th in preparation for delivery on the 19th. 

We appreciate the donations we have already received and can't wait to see how many other caring individuals donate to this much needed cause. We can all make a difference in the lives of this family if we all pitch in! Thank you and Happy Holidays!!


Rake Up Boise 2017 and Big Al's Family Night

This last Saturday was busy for BHGRE 43 North. The morning started with volunteers from our office participating in Rake Up Boise and ending with a fun filled family night at Big Al's in Meridian. We had a great time early Saturday morning giving back to our community by raking a yard for an appreciative participant. This event was a wonderful opportunity for our agents and office staff to build relationships and show appreciation for the community we live in. 

Later that night, office staff, agents, and their families met at Big Al's in Meridian to celebrate the hard work agents have dedicated towards the second listing competition of the year! Our Brokers' wife (Lyndi Martel) organized an enjoyable and entertaining night filled with great food, bowling and laughter. Our brokerage truly cares about showing appreciation for all agents and office staff who make BHGRE 43 North a wonderful place to work. 


It was no surprise that Tracy Conklin knocked the listing competition out of the park. From the day the competition started in June until the day it ended in November, she was able to list 27 homes for clients. She is a true Real Estate Rock Star and well deserving of the $5,000 listing competition prize. She plans to take her family on an unforgettable vacation with the prize money!

She gave some great advice to agents about listing homes, "I have found that the most important thing in listing a home, is the upfront legwork I do. The more I can do before the house even hits the market, the smoother the selling process goes for everyone.

1) Set realistic expectations. Their job is to get their home ready to sell (see the paragraph below), have the home show ready and accommodate showings...your job is everything else.

2) Do a staging walk through and discuss how to market the home properly. Make a list of items to remove, suggest items to add to the home, and compile a list of upgrades. This will be valuable for the listing, and will be an asset to the appraiser as well. 

3) Blast it out everywhere the evening before it hits the market...create a buzz about the property.  Put it on Facebook, your blog, work it into conversation, send out an email to top agents, get in on Craigslist. If it doesn't move quickly, adjust photos and verbiage to keep it fresh online. The more prepared I am, the better my listings look once they hit the market. And the happier my clients are."

At Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate 43 North, we value the beautiful community we live in along with all who contribute to making our office an enjoyable place to work!

Top Agents retreat in Vancouver, BC


Day in and day out, I see how much hard work, dedication and passion our agents have for representing their clients. Unseen to most people are the sleepless nights and stress filled days that most agents face throughout their career. For this reason, our company brand, Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate, honors our top producing agents each year with a unforgettable trip to a breathtaking destination.

This rewarding retreat is called APEX, and it is the perfect time for our well deserved agents to unwind and feel appreciated for all their hard work. At this event, agents were able to make memories sight seeing around beautiful Vancouver, BC and participating in once in a lifetime experiences. One of the events the agents couldn't stop talking about was the yacht dinner cruise with plenty of booze and dancing! 

Our very own Rookie of the Year, Lisa Cunningham, knocked em' dead on stage while discussing how ZAP has influenced her real estate career. We are all so proud of her and she couldn't wait to share her APEX experience with everyone. 

"Flying into a spectacular city such as Vancouver, BC was just rad beginning of what would unfold over the next 3 days. The registration process was easy… some snacks, wine, cute branded jackets and umbrellas, and a lot of smiles from the corporate representatives. It’s clear from the minute you walk in the room, they are all happy see you. We, the agents, are their guests of honor. And that feeling never went away.

The classes are great for those agents who really value the opportunity to learn more about how to streamline and improve their business. For those agents who aren’t quite as studious, the events are the highlight. This is every agents trip. They earned it. They can make of it what they wish.


The hotel was grand with a spectacular view of the harbor. The food was phenomenal. The first night unfolded a fun party at a urban beer garden featuring various food choices, hosted bar all night, rocking band made up of our own agents, brokers, and corporate employees scattered throughout the nation, and some branded knick-knacks. The hipster theme was a lot of fun and the photo booth was certainly the highlight for our group of goofballs who monopolized the opportunity to be silly and take some crazy photos together.

Following classes and speakers on the second day was a GORGEOUS sunset cruise around Vancouver on a 3-story yacht! WOW! Better Homes & Gardens Real Estate spares no expense when it comes to showing their top agents how much they are appreciated and valued! The best part of the day was being called up on stage by Karlton Utter, Sr. Director of Special Projects, to discuss how I use ZAP to improve my business. It was fun talking to a room full of the best agents in the country about how this useful CRM can keep you organized, capture leads, and provide various value propositions on many platforms. What a fantastic opportunity!

Overall, APEX is worth all the hard work to achieve. If I can do it in my first year of real estate, anyone can!


Lisa Cunningham

2017 Rake Up Boise Kickoff Party


Our office staff and agents have been looking forward to participating in this years Rake Up Boise for months. Rake Up Boise assists the elderly (65 years or older) and the disabled in raking up the beautiful yet pesky leaves that cover their yards. This year, we will have two office employees and four agents spending this Saturday morning raking leaves for a kind elderly women who is very appreciative of the help! 

Last Saturday afternoon, I had the pleasure of attending the Rake Up Boise 2017 Kickoff Party at the Barrel House in Garden City. At this event, my family and I enjoyed listening to great live music, meeting other volunteers and enjoyed a satisfying lunch that was discounted by the event coordinators. We also picked up our leaf bags that were contributed by the event staff as well. How awesome are they?! 

Being surrounded by a community that supports one another is only one of the many reasons I am a proud resident of Boise, ID. I can't wait to share the photos of our team raking leaves and making memories this upcoming Saturday morning.  



Painting empty bowls for the Idaho Foodbank

Last Friday night, multiple agents and office employees handcrafted their own designs on ceramic bowls to be auctioned off at The Idaho Foodbanks Empty Bowls 2017. Our office is passionate about volunteering and giving back to our wonderful community. The funds raised by this event helps to provide food assistance to those who are in need this winter. This year marks the 20th anniversary for this inspirational and impactful event. 

Throughout the year, more than 3,000 hand crafted and painted bowls were collected! The volunteers who painted the bowls ranged from professionals to amateur artists. During the event, participants will  be able to select and purchase a unique bowl that appeals to them! As a thank you, a fresh, hot bowl of soup will be served  by one of several of our finest local restaurants.

Our office felt very fortunate to contribute to such a wonderful fund raiser and can't wait to do it again next year! 


Building co-worker relationships at Paint 'n Sip

If there is one point we want to get across as a company, it is that we are family first and love to have a good time! Being able to spend a night indulging in spirits and creativity is one of the many reasons BHGRE 43 North is a place so many call, home. 

Our broker makes the effort to remind all of us that there is more to life than answering phone calls and negotiating real estate deals. He surprised the office staff and agents in our office with a night out at Paint 'n Sip! This was a fun experience for all who attended and even the amateur artists walked away with a painting they were proud to hang on the wall. 

The atmosphere at Paint 'n Sip is quite fun, and the staff makes sure to make light of mistakes that are made by having a rule "If anyone disses their work, they have to take a sip!" This rule took the edge off of those who were too critical of themselves, and resulted in a night filled with laughter, painting and sippin'!


Volunteering at the Ronald McDonald House


An agents day is consumed by their phone constantly ringing, negotiating real estate deals, and trying to find time to balance work life with personal interests. Our office staff and agents always enjoy when an opportunity arises to give back to the community while building co-worker relationships.

One of our favorite places to volunteer at is at the Ronald McDonald House in Boise. This wonderful organization realizes that when a child is in need of long-term medical treatment, they need their family by their side. At the Ronald McDonald House, they care for the family so they can in return give all the support and love they have to their children in need of medical treatment.

On our last volunteer trip to the Ronald McDonald House in Boise, we had the biggest turn out of volunteers yet. Along with numerous agents, our amazing office manager, Keyara Brookman, was able to participate in baking treats for the families staying at The Ronald McDonald House. She enjoys volunteering for this organization because, "My heart goes out the families going through such a difficult time. I couldn't imagine how heart wrenching it must be to have a child needing extensive medical care while trying to keep a job, pay the bills, and being the support system for my family during a medical crisis. By volunteering and baking treats for the families that stay at the RMHC of Idaho, I hope that I can show how our community supports each other and they are not alone during this time."

Each time we volunteer at The Ronald McDonald House, we walk away humbled and appreciative of the health that we are blessed with. This organization is inspiring and each time we volunteer, the number of our agents and office staff who sign up to participate grows. Being able to participate in baking treats for the RMHC of Idaho is one of the many reasons BHGRE 43 North is a wonderful company to be apart of.