Meet the Staff

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Keyara Wade  |  Office Manager, Director of Agent Experiences, Licensed Realtor®

Keyara is a graduate of Boise State University’s College of Business and Economics with a degree in Business Management. As Office Manager and Marketing Manager for Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate 43° North, Keyara is actively licensed as a Realtor and understands the needs of the Realtors she serves in the office environment from her previous experience of being in real estate sales.

Keyara has always been in the people business, starting her work life in the hospitality industry. She began her career in 2008 in New Construction and fell in love with the real estate business. With a marketing background, a knack for organization, and graphic design experience, Keyara found her strengths and passion lied in the office environment supporting her fellow Realtors and Broker. She enjoys helping agents achieve their goals and can help support you in building your real estate business through print and online marketing, social media and blogs, CMA and marketing reports, MLS input and maintenance, and contract compliance - keeping you focused on what you do best - Selling Real Estate!

When she is not in the office working her buns off, Keyara enjoys futzing around in the kitchen cooking, playing with her two Boxer doggies Mac & Lola, and of course… looking at houses. 


Steve Keys  |  Director of First Impressions - Front Desk Lady

Steve Keys is a known for his sarcastic sense of humor and telling it like it is. Thinking he had life all figured out at 19, he became a licensed Realtor way back in 2001. After a handful of successful closings, and one disastrous, stress filled transaction involving life long friends and sewage lines, Steve was flat broke and SO over it. It turns out playing Realtor is NOT nearly as easy as it seems! So naturally he went back to school, and 4 or 9 years later earned a Bachelor’s degree in Marketing. During that time he was in random career fields, from being in the middle of trauma surgery running a blood transfusion machine (dramatically passing out cold the first few times), executive assisting, and even buying and designing high end home furnishings. 

Following a cataclysmic end to a way too long relationship, Steve moved back home to Boise from Portland, Oregon to be close to family. While taking some time to adjust to his new reality, a close friend and legendary Realtor (at this office!) mentioned that they were crazy busy and in need of the perfect addition to join their office staff, who was not only a creative genius with a Real Estate background, but knew how to put up with some serious Realtor BS. Upon meeting Jeff Martel and Keyara Wade it seemed like a great fit, which was solidified for him after attending the first annual BH&G “Girls Night.” When Steve is not at work you can find him hanging out with his nephews and niece teaching them how to be “cool,” high up on a ladder risking his life cleaning windows (Steve literally can not handle dirty windows), out and about around town with his crazy friends, or at home watching/judging Dancing With the Stars with his Mom.



Allison Sandel |  Graphic Designer - Director of Arts & Crafts

Allison is way too busy crafty kitchy marketing materials to write a bio... but check back soon, maybe she will get to it.






Lia Eyre  |  Brokerage Concierge - Director of Agent Engagement

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You’ve probably considered switching to another real estate brokerage, but the thought of having to move your license, change websites, inform your clients and untangle all of your marketing materials may feel overwhelming. Will your business suffer during the transition process? Is it all worth it?

We understand that your time is valuable and change is hard, that’s why we have a Brokerage Concierge to assist you in the process. Just like a hotel concierge, our Director of Agent Engagement knows how to get you up-and-running quickly and seamlessly. Our agent concierge has over two years of experience and has assisted over 600 agents in the art of transition. Lia has a sharp eye for improvement and will do her due diligence in making you feel at home with us.

Moving to BHGRE 43° North is this simple:
Bring your smartphone, tablet and laptop to the hour-long, personalized meeting with your agent concierge. Our concierge will follow a meticulous checklist that ensures everything an agent needs done for a smooth transition is done prior to your leaving that meeting. This will include everything from signing your agency contracts, to setting up your email, printers and scanners on all your devices, key cards for after hours access to our office, systems training and more. You will leave your concierge meeting ready to conduct business as usual and synced up to take advantage of our systems — all with your new email signature and access to all of our documents and services.