Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate 43° North | The Village at Meridian

Our office is located in The Village at Meridian, above LuLu Lemon overlooking the Village square.

Our office is located in The Village at Meridian, above LuLu Lemon overlooking the Village square.

The Village Meridian is vibrant, full of energy, and the perfect place for our new office location! Meet with clients in the conference room overlooking the heart of The Village, take your clients to lunch afterwards at one of the many restaurants, or hang out after a long day with fellow agents for a little happy hour beverage. The opportunities are endless....


About Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate 43° North


We created a place where we wanted to go to work.

When we opened 43 Degrees North Real Estate in 2008, the three things we put as top priorities were Marketing, Agent Experience, and Customer Experience. Eight years later, these ideals still guide our brokerage.

Jeff Martel, Broker of Better Homes & Gardens Real Estate 43° North was no stranger to marketing when we launched, with over 20 years of Advertising and Graphic Design experience. We really view our Brokerage as a marketing engine, harnessing the power of Social Media, Print, and Video to create an immersive experience for the prospective buyer. When we create a high-level of standard marketing, all of our properties are showcased in the best possible way for a consistent and professional approach to marketing. All marketing is directed from the company level which allows for a much more consistent message across all properties and marketing strategies. We believe that when we focus on how to effectively manage the customer experience, we naturally focus on the Agent experience first - happy agents equate to happy clients... it's pretty simple really.

Great Marketing and Great Agents is a simple and effective recipe for success.

A growing city, a growing niche

Boise is a fast growing market. In fact, our brokerage focuses on new construction – both in selling and in some cases managing these properties. Fifty percent of our sales are in New Construction. The number of buyers in Boise outweighs the current inventory, which has created a need for catch-up in new construction.

A lot of buyers also come from out of state, as Boise very often shows up on national top 10 lists for best places to retire, raise a family or best places to live. Jeff understands this firsthand as he and his family relocated to Boise from the San Francisco Bay Area before launching 43 Degrees. Because of this, the focus on new construction made a lot of sense.

Another interesting twist to our brokerage is that Jeff also operates a marketing company, Firebrand, through which all graphic design for the agents and their listings is done at no added cost to the agent.  

Jeff’s background in branding helped to create the 43 Degrees brand. Wondering where the name comes from? Boise is located on the 43rd parallel number, and Idaho was the 43rd state. Since real estate is all about location, we thought the name was perfectly suited for a Real Estate Brand. 

We Embrace Sharing!

Without question, we are in a time when consumers expect a high level of transparency and information to be shared with them when it comes to purchasing decisions. Our company culture subscribes to the way of business that shares information freely with consumers and industry colleagues both inside our Brokerage as well as outside. If you share your knowledge, then people will want to do business with you.

Giving Back

In Ahuachapán, El Salvador, countless families are living in a rural shack slum on the edge of despair.  

That’s why Better Homes and Gardens® Real Estate 43° North and New Story are teaming up to build these families life-changing homes that will offer safety, clean running water, and electricity for generations to come.  

Will you help us change lives?

We are also a proud sponsor of Idaho Rivers United – as a principle sponsor and also donating auction items to help them raise funds. Our sponsorship is helping a great organization protect Idaho’s waters for generations to come.


We are also a high-level sponsor of Rebuilding-Together. Rebuilding Together is a national US non-profit organization whose mission is to bring volunteers and communities together to improve the homes and lives of low-income homeowners.

Every year we find some way to come together and to give back as a group to the community that gives us so much! For 2015 we sponsored Christmas for families that would otherwise not be able to provide presents to their children. We were able to collect $1,930.00 in mere hours and with the company match we had $3,860 to spread some Christmas Cheer! We were able to adopt 4 families from local elementary schools to provide Coats, Gloves, Shoes, Diapers, Wipes, Clothes, Books, Bikes, Board Games, Art Supplies, and Toys! And after all that - we had enough left over to donate $883.90 to the Women’s and Children’s Alliance of Boise!


What’s next?

We’re never going to be 1,000 agents. Our vision isn’t to become the largest brokerage around… just the best. The vision of success for our brokerage is more about controlling the overall experience – for both agents and consumers. This mantra has worked incredibly well for us as we consistently rank as the #1 firm in our MLS for per-agent productivity… by a long shot! We rank in the top five for sales volume in our marketplace but have the least amount of agents, currently at 52.

Controlling that experience is especially challenging in real estate, as we all know because of the independent contractor model. But we tackle this by offering agents a comprehensive online marketing system that includes a website, graphic design services, virtual tours, Internet leads and Protected listings distribution to several websites. By helping to manage the overall marketing portfolio for our agents, they can spend their time managing the business of Real Estate!

Who is a good fit?

When attracting agents to join our firm, we look for agents who understand and subscribe to the overall vision of consistency and sharing information freely. We look for agents with a strong moral compass and an understanding that doing the right thing over doing what gets you paid is ALWAYS the best course of action. We look for agents that understand what work ethic means. Showing up on time and always acting professionally is one the the top keys to success. And finally, we look for agents that know the importance of remaining positive in the face of adversity. Throwing in the towel and giving up is not an option - you have to get the job done no matter what it takes!